The Experimental College

Oberlin College of Arts & Sciences

What is ExCo?

Oberlin ExCo is a 50 year-old organization that offers courses taken by over a thousand unique students each year.

Anyone, town or gown, can teach an ExCo, on whatever they are passionate about! When reviewing course applications, the ExCo Committee is subject-agnostic and solely considers applications based on the instructor’s commitment to the course, familiarity with the subject matter, and depth of thought when making the syllabus.

Courses can be taken or taught for credit, but we are unfortunately unable to financially compensate non-students for teaching courses through ExCo at this time. Up to eight co-curricular credits can be counted towards general credit requirements, but ExCo courses cannot officially count towards divisional requirements. ExCo courses can be offered for either one or two credits.

Typically, courses meet once or twice a week in a regular location. To learn about what courses are being taught, check out our course catalog or attend the ExCo Fair the first Wednesday of each semester.

If you’d like to learn more about ExCo or talk about an idea for your course, feel free to visit one of our committee members during office hours, listed below.

Spring 2020 Course Catalog

The Spring 2020 Course Catalog is now live! Click here to access the catalog.

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