Spring 2018 Course Catalog

Spring 2018 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Charged Conversations118115Megan DohertyLiz CooperJonah Shifrin
Alternative Schools of Economic Thought128115Emily HighkinJoshua Ashkinaze
SexCo I (section I)165225Angie VaalerHannah Jackel-Dewhurst
SexCo I (section II)165225Clara WeinsteinRadia Lahlou
SexCo II166220Jane WerntzFiona Sherman
Intro to Deaf Culture219115Maddie Hinkle
Introductory Wolof221115Brandon County
Elemantary Korean I224215Esther SongHelen Heeyoung Lim
Elementary Korean II225220Jae Yee LeeSeo Yon Park
Turkish 101228215Hannah KimHarun Gerçek
Translation and Spanish Linguistics230115Nicolás ArellanoEvelyn Franco
More Than Matzah Balls: The Jewish Kitchen268115Devorah Elkan
Debate and Public Speaking210225Lindsay MahowaldCormac Close
Configuring the Figure275115Joe Martin
Microgenre Histories280215Julia Mills
Thinking in 3D303110Isabel Taylor
Clinical Neuroanatomy365115Alan Hoffer
ToadsCo378115CJ Blair
ArmokCo: Dwarf Fortress390110Samuel P Cryan
Kurt Vonnegut 101408115James Fleming
DisCo- A Disney History ExCo410115Erica Lowry
Conceptualizing Creatures: Creating Pokémon, Beasts, and More!412115Julia UtsetElena Hartley
Spongebobology415120Lindsay MahowaldNigel Law
Cryptozoology420120Will AxelrodAdrienne Rozells
Horror ExCo427112Celina Siegel
Tolkien: Discoverer of the Histories and Lore of Middle-Earth435212Aaron L. Henry
Contemporary Black Queer Film & Culture445215Cantron Quarles
Oppression in Sci-Fi & Fantasy457215Rita Perez-Padilla
Queer Women on Screen466115Eliza Edwards
Women in Television477125Amanda StavisThomasina Rogers
Intro to Contact Improvisation501115Michal Schorsch
K-Pop Koreography ExCo525114Emily ReevesKeyi Feng
Beginning Morris Dancing530114Rowyn Peel
Rapper Sword Dance ExCo534115Erin MichelHannah Cohen
Beginning Swing Dancing541130Kathryn "Kitty" SchwartzClara Wolfe
Continuing Swing Dance542130Daniel KatzShira Cohen
Beginning Blues Dancing543130Sierra Maniates-SelvinAidan Kidder-Wolff
Continuing Blues Dancing544116Felicia BodeColette Zilka
Beginning Tap ExCo545120Frances PurcellRosemary Shin
Continuing Tap ExCo546115Michelle Ravitsky
Girls in Motion566112Ruth Bieber-StanleyNaomi Roswell
Sojourn: In Place and Moving Along 580110Brian Schultis
Intro to Taiko Drumming602120Will FK Tokunaga
Steel Pan Exco623120Andrea WangTempe Shrenker
Studio B ExCo649120Rebecca WinerFiona Brennan
Creative Improvisation for String Musicians654115Camille Vogley-Howes
Sock Monkey Making730110Emily Highkin
Bike Exco740110Connor Schiff
Introductory Pottery (section I)74318Rex Fortgang
Introductory Pottery (section II)74318Elsa Seterdahl
Intermediate Pottery (section I)74418Ava Field
Intermediate Pottery (section II)74418Simon Printz
Chakras & Candle-Making760112Devyn Malouf
Essential Oils ExCo765113Kate Hall
French Cooking ExCo790110Kévin RocheronEsther Nguyen Dac
Aikido Exco806125Ben HamiltonKevin Greenwood
Intermediate Badminton808124Felipe FerreiraJustin LiXie
FenceCo810130Michelle LiuSilas Pelkey
Rock Climbing ExCo815112Alex FoxMiche McCall
Beginner Partner Acrobatics835115Sarah BrainardPeri Levin
TumbleCo837116Clara Margaret FloodTeague HarveyKeshia Yap
Pitching in Division III Baseball840116Sean Kiley
Yoga ExCo850130Lucy KaminskyMia Silvan Grau
ObieScouts 869220Jonathan KarpatkinDaniel Russo
SmashCo876120Davis "Lucky" Lai
Advanced Smashco877116Kevin RutledgeAngel Nunez
Game of Thrones Board Game88018Steven LevinFinn Bordal
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885130Noah FreemanAmanda Asofsky


Fall 2017 Course Catalog

Fall 2017 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Understanding the Contemporary Politics of Palestine121115Will Arment
Alternative Schools of Economic Thought128120Emily HighkinJosh Clemson
Copal AA: A Window into Indigenous Resistance134115Clara WeinsteinJuna Keehn
Access in the Arts151212Katie LuceyMecky Kuijpers
SexCo (Section I)165215Kira Felsenfeld Angie Vaaler
SexCo (Section II)166220Radia LahlouIzzy Lederman
Facilitation, Inter/Intra Comm, and Theory Through an SJ Lens187220Anna PhungAtiya McGhee
MemeCo210115Adina Zeth
Introductory Wolof221115Brandon County
Elementary Korean I224230Sun ParkMelissa Karp
Elementary Korean II225230Soomin KimDavid Lee
The Christian Anarchist Tradition253115Derek Kubilus
Debate and Public Speaking269225Cormac CloseLindsay Mahowald
Black Lives Matter: In The Sciences306220Gloria LewisMorgan Thomas
Toadsco378115C.J. Blair
Food Writing 101401212Pearse Anderson
Cyberpunk404230Cassady Bogatin
DisCo: A Disney History ExCo410115Erica Lowry
Spongebobology415120Lindsay MahowaldNigel Law
Contemporary Black Queer Film and Culture4451-215Cantron (Tré) Quarles
Racist Portrayals of Black People in Hollywood448215Brian Smith
Feminist Perspectives on Speculative Fiction452218Chelsea KinjorskiKristen Reynolds
Representations of Oppression in Sci-Fi/Fantasy457215Rita M Pérez-Padilla
Queer Women on Screen466115Eliza Edwards
Contra Dance ExCo505115Phoebe Durand McDonnellSam Bailey
Beginning Swing541130Daniel Katz
Beginning Blues Dancing543125Sierra Maniates-SelvinAidan Kidder-Wolff
Beginning Tap ExCo545115Frances PurcellAbigail Bowman
Continuing Tap ExCo546115Michelle Ravitsky
Songwriting ExCo605115Sam RueckertGaley Caverly
Steel Pan Exco623120Joanna QuinnMelanie Xu
Studio B Workgroup649120Fiona BrennanCena Loffredo
Creative Improvisation for String Musicians654115Camille Vogley-Howes
Letterpress Printing70818Ed Vermue
Novel Writing and Publishing716214Cameron Moss
Children's Book Writing and Illustrating ExCo724210Michaela SquierLeah Martin-Rosenthal
Co-operative Adobe Workshop737215Mikaela FishmanHannah Berk
Introduction to Pottery743112Ava FieldRex Fortgang
Intermediate Pottery744114Emma DreyfussSimon Printz
Big Parade FunCo!750125Dillion SebastionSally Slade
Self-Care Co760115Emma WebsterSara Wolf
Healing Through Art762110Hannah HalpernJustin Lixie
Essential Oils ExCo765112Kate HallMat Fitz-Reed
Aikido ExCo806125Isabelle MooreBenjamin Hamilton
Intermediate Badminton 808116Felipe Ferreira
Beginner Fencing810112Kendrick Wang
Rock Climbing ExCo (Section I)815112Katie RigdonAlizah Simon
Rock Climbing Exco (Section II)816112Alex FoxGail Johnson
Beginner Partner Acrobatics835115Sarah BrainardPeri Levin
Longboarding Exco838110Ramzy Lakos
Chess Exco860115Sam Waranch
SmashCo876114Davis LaiAngel Nunez
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885115Amanda AsofskyDrew Styles
How to be a DM886115Amanda AsofskyNoah Freeman


Spring 2017 Course Catalog

Spring 2017 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2
Introducing the System: Building Community through Conversation and Action101115Liv ScottCaide Jackson
Illuminati: Shedding Light on Conspiracy Theory Culture1231-215Taylorlyn Stephan
Oberlin History133115Sarah MinionNatalia Shevin
Music & Memory at Welcome Nursing Home1351-215Kira Pinard-Welyczko
Neurodiversity and Advocacy ExCo153120Ruby ReillyDJ Savarese
SexCo I (section I)1651-225Akane LittleRadia Lahlou
SexCo I (section II)1661-225Hannah Jackel-Dewhurst
Conlang 101202115Rita Pérez-Padilla
ABCs of ASL220220Franklin SussmanGavi Shandler
Introductory Wolof2211-215Brandon CountyKat Ford
Elementary Korean I224215Joseph KimSun Park
Elementary Korean II225215SeBeom LeeSoomin Kim
Coffee 10124618Juan-Manuel Pinzon
Debate and Public Speaking269215Yasmine RamachandraRoman Broszkowski
Configuring the Figure: The Arte of Data Visualization275114Joe MartinAndres Cuervo
3D Print ExCo303110Ian Hunt-IsaakIsabel Taylor
Crunching Epsilons: Workshop in Mathematical Analysis321120Chris Marx
The Food Science ExCo3451-215Sohail Kamdar
Orbital Mechanics & Rocket Science360115Ben Hamilton
From Network to Webseries: Introduction to American Television411115Liam Oznowich
Attack on Titan413115Julia Utset
Beyond Prime Time418115Alexander Broekhuijse
A History of Animation4201-220Kirk Pearson
Horror ExCo427112Celina Siegel
Politics of Broadway433115Noelle Hedges-Goettl
Storytelling for Internet Media442115Rania Adamczyk
Contemporary Black Queer Film and Culture4451-215Tré Quarles
Queer Women on Screen466115Anna Weiss
Weird Fiction470114Sean Lambert
The History and Lore of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth473115Clara Carlson-KiriginJustin Biggi
Women in Television477120Olivia SchusterAnna Minner
SeinCo498120Jordan Joseph
Contact Improvisation ExCo501125Charlotte Andrews
The Musical Audition511110Noelle Hedges-Goettl
Advanced Improv ExCo516115Keenen Willis
Beginning Swing541145Shira Cohen
Continuing Swing542130Daniel KatzSam Quillin
Beginning Blues543125Sierra Maniates-SelvinSarah Nathanson
Beginning Tap545115Frances Purcell
Continuing Tap546115Michelle Ravitsky
Songwriting ExCo605130Ethan AronsonDaniel Gonzales
Steelpan ExCo623120Noah LastAbbey Bisesi
Choral Conductor's Club6411-215Meghan StollMichael Locke
Studio B Workgroup649120Becca WinerNatalie Hawthorne
Chamber Music of African American Composers652112Chris Jenkins
Music Theory Review678115Christa Cole
Chamber Opera696130Pauline Ng
Puppets in Action701112Sally SladeHannah Tichkoff
Beginning Pottery743116Jonathan CarrollRex Fortgang
Intermediate Pottery744116Robbie Lewis-NashEmma Dreyfuss
Advanced Pottery7451-28Simon Printz
DIY Kitchen ExCo753112Morgan SteinSam Tunick
Essential Oils ExCo765112Kate HallMat Fitz-Reed
Introduction to Jewelry Making789112Cecilia Larson
Aikido ExCo806125Isabelle MooreBen Hamilton
How to Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse808112Yingran Zhang
Outdoor Adventure Club (beginner section)812115Eliana ZuckermanKatie Rigdon
Outdoor Adventure Club (advanced section)813115Hannah RodgersPeter Stefek
Rock Climbing ExCo815112Alex FoxHannah Rodgers
Ice Hockey822120Matt SimonDerek Palinski
Mental Health Narratives864115Xuan Wu
SmashCo876116Davis LaiAngel Nunez
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885115Amanda Asofsky


Fall 2016 Course Catalog

Fall 2016 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Intro to Peer Helping Skills I1012Gabe SimonAvalon McKee
Intro to Peer Helping Skills II1022Dana Kurzer-YashinJessie Smit
Bonner Life 1011031Trecia Pottinger
Understanding Contemporary Politics of Palestine1211Alexandra SmithEliza Poor
Community Responses to Sexualized Violence1232Wren LeaderRadia Lahlou
Alternative Schools of Economic Thought1281Ema SagnerJulia Murphy
Copal Aa: A Window into Guatemalan Indigenous Resistance1341Clara LincolnToetie Zwart
Music & Memory at Welcome Nursing Home1352Kira Pinard-WelyczkoJulia Cantwell
Tarot ExCo1521Della Kurzer-ZlotnickAkane Little
Theory and Practice of Radical Environmentalism1541Christopher Kennedy
Problem Solving and Conflict Engagement1581Althea Levine
SexCo I Section I1652Ellie TremayneAkane Little
SexCo I Section II1662Jane WerntzNat Rodriguez
SexCo I Section III1672Gabi BembryMavis Corrigan
Investigating Restorative Justice1821Megan Cox
Conlanging 1012021Tori Ervin
ABCs of American Sign Language2202Franklin SussmanEl Wilson
Introductory Wolof2211Brandon County
Chinese Mythology & Folklore2221Yiyin ZhongYe Lu
Korean I2242Soomin KimJoseph Kim
Korean II2252Min SuhHannah Kim
Coffee 101: Coffee and Its History for the Average Joe2461Juan-Manuel Pinzon
Debate and Public Speaking2692Yasmine RamachandraRoman Broszkowski
How to Make (Almost) Anything3031Ian Hunt-Isaak
Black Lives Matter: In The Sciences3062Gloria Lewis
Orbital Mechanics and Rocket Science3601Ben Hamilton
Cyberpunk4042Caslon KahleCassady Bogatin
DisCo4101Erica Lowry
Theme Park Theory4202Kirk Pearson
Calvin & HobbesCo4281Zack GillJulia Schrecengost
Survey of Queer Latin American Literature4321Alessandro Mondelli Romero
Animorphs ExCo4631Maya Martin Brendan Nuse
Queer Women on Screen4661Anna WeissEliana Kohn
Politics of the West Wing4691Zane Markosian
Brave Space: Poetry, Identity, and Performance4892Ben Vock
Sex, Sacrifice, & Slayage4991Elizabeth Akant
Contact Improvisation5011Rachel FordCharlotte Andrews
Beginning Improv5151Keenen WillisEsther Espeland
Politics of Broadway5211Noelle Hedges-Goettle
Beginning Swing5411Daniel KatzShira Cohen
Beginning Blues Dance5431Grace RichmondErik Gonzales-Kramer
Beginning Tap Dance5451Elisa Henderson
Continuing Tap5461Amelia Henderson
Girls and Boys in Motion5661Lily JohnsonLuke P
Intro to Taiko Drumming6021Matt BlankinshipZoii Barnes
6051Alex Ngo
Steel Pan6231Jeremy Simon
Chamber Music of African American Composers6522Chris Jenkins
Metal ExCo6661Charlie KimballAnna Johnson
Oberlin Chamber Opera6961Tayte MitchellJustin Weiss
Whistle-co6991Grover Neville
Puppet Cabaret7011Margaret Brock
Letterpress Printing7081Ed Vermue
Intro Pottery7431Simon PrintzAva Field
Intermediate Pottery7441Julia Cantwell
Essential Oils ExCo7651Mat Fitz-ReedKate Hall
Beginner Beekeeping7681Abby CaliHeidi Yarger
Intro to Jewelry Making7891Cecilia LarsonRachael Branscomb
Aikido ExCo8061Isabelle MooreRandy Houston
Badminton ExCo8081Felipe Ferreira
Beginner Fencing 8101Caleb Anderson
Outdoor Adventure Skills8121Katie RigdonEliana ZuckermanMichaela Squire
Hearthstone: 12 Wins in 12 Weeks8131Jean-Paul Gilbert
Brazilian Jiu Jistu8291Phil Franco
Chess ExCo8501Sam Waranch
Rock Climbing ExCo8691Katie RigdonMaggy Johnson
SmashCo8761Ellis Taylor
Dungeons and Dragons for Absolute Beginners8851Nathan Daniel
Object Manipulation8881Teague HarveyAnika LindseyMax Reinisch


Spring 2016 Course Catalog

Spring 2016 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1 (Presto)Instructor 2
Intro to Peer Helping I101215Matthew Hayden
Intro to Peer Helping II102215Matthew Hayden
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom ExCo122115Erin UlrichBeth Minahan
Alternative Schools of Economic Thought128115Julia Murphy
Alternative Break Pre-Departure130115Phillip Lundquist
Aunti Na's Harvesting Unity132115Tara SantoraDaphne Williams
Murals, Oberlin, and Beyond144115Eli Steiker-Ginzberg
Tarot ExCo152115Akane LittleDella Kurzer-Zlotnick
Problem Solving and Conflict Engagement158115Helen KramerAlthea Levine
Education as an Instrument for Liberation160125Gaby Hurtado-RamosIsabel Guerra
SexCo I165225Eleanor TremayneRachel Swack
SexCo II166112Jane WerntzRadia Lahlou
Intro to Oppressive Systems: Framing the Prison Industrial Complex185115Ka•a Austin
Hip Hop as Resistance: Negotiating Power, Privilege, Oppresion, and Allyship189215Jasmine Adams
ABC's of ASL220220Quinn DonoverGavriella Shandler
Introductory Bamana221115Brandon County
Elementary Korean I224215Jeong Hyun HwangYoungkyung Kim
Elementary Korean II225215Seh Min SuhHannah Kim
Configuring the Figure: The Art of Data Visualization241114Julia SkrovanJoe Martin
Judaism, Gender, and Sexuality256120Rachel Davidson
Bhakti Yoga262115Srimalla Das
More than Matzahballs268115Devorah Elkan
How to Make (Almost) Anything303110Ian Hunt-IsaakSydney Bernal
Black Lives Matter: In the Sciences306230Ariana AbayomiGloria Lewis
Speculative Evolution320115James Beech
Dirty Science: Soil from Different Perspectives348112Adrian Singleton
Interactive Storytelling404120Vincent ShiueDerek Kiy
One Direxco410130Hazel Crampton HaysFaith Roberts
Architecture of the Shopping Mall416110Nolan Boomer
Principles of Sound Design420210Kirk Pearson
Calvin and Hobbes ExCo428115Sarena Malsin
Character Creation432115Amanda Asofsky
Women in Television458120Olivia SchusterNicole Baxter-Green
Sex, Sacrifice and Slayage: Deconstructing Buffy the Vampire Slayer460115Elizabeth Akant
Animorphs ExCo462120Maya MartinBrendan Nuse
HexCo464115Victoria Albacete
Queer Women On-Screen466118Gracie GoodmanOlivia Harris
Advanced Improv Comedy516115Esther EspelandHarley Foos
Beginning Swing541130Katerina WalterWilliam Bolles-Beavens
Continuing Swing542120Amelia WedelPeter Elgee
Beginning Blues543130Erik Gonzales-KramerGrace Richmond
Continuing Blues544130Nigel Kidder-WolffCaitlin Rodgers
Beginning Tap Dance545112Elena RobakiewiczRobert Bonfiglio
Continuing Tap546115Amelia Henderson
Girls and Boys in Motion566120Naomi Roswell
Introduction to Taiko602130Leah WoodJason Ihm
Songwriting605115Alex Ngo
Steel Pan623124Noah SandersonSarah Stratton
Making Arabic Music642114Amal Ghulam
Chamber Music of African American Composers652220Christopher Jenkins
Oberlin Mozart Players656145Jackson Short
Musically Queer680215Nic Vigilante
Baking ExCo70618Parkorn WangpaiboonkitSam Coates-Fink
Letterpress Printing70818Ed Vermue
Making Awesome Websites721115Jacob GilbertAlex Katz
Intro Pottery74318Simon Printz
Intermediate Pottery74418Julia Cantwell
Oberlin Apparel Collective748120Griffin Stockton-HogrogianShea Renusch
Beginner Beekeeping76818Abigail Cali
DIY Kitchen ExCo78016Isabelle HulkowerDiana Dover
Simple Yoga800115Carly Oddleifson
Aikido ExCo806115Isabelle Moore
Beginning Fencing810130Caleb AndersonStephen Lee
Ice Hockey822120Derek PalinskiMatt Simon
Presentation Skills824112Robin Wong
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu829116Axandre OgePhillip Franco
Practice and Questioning: The Micro-Politics of Yoga834110Zia Kandler
The Game of Thrones Board Game ExCo85816Stefan Lund
Karuta ExCo868110Henry Aberle
SmashCo876115Simon Gilbert
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885130Shannon BarnesAnna Rose Greenberg


Fall 2015 Course Catalog

Fall 2015 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2
Intro to Peer Helping Skills 1101216Matthew Hayden
Bonner Life 101111115Trecia Pottinger
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom122115Elizabeth Minahan
Alternative Schools of Economic Thought128115Julia Murphy
Living a Meaningful Life and Creating Social Change130115Donald L. Spencer
Understanding Contemporary Politics of Palestine140115Natalia Shevin
Mind, Body, and Femininity15518Lily Chait
Problem Solving and Conflict Engagement158110Helen Kramer
My Dream College: How it Works and How to Make it Work for Change160112Dana Hamden
SexCo (section 1)165215Akane LittleDiana Dover
SexCo (section 2)165215Lily StonerJess Hubert
Modern Day Slavery: Sex Trafficking170210Anabel Epstein
"The State Of..." Social Media, Race and Education180115Alexandria Cunningham
Solidarity with Guatemala185120Clara LincolnEleanor Flessner
ABC's of ASL220120Gavriella ShandlerEl Wilson
Introductory Bamana221115Brandon County
Elementary Korean I224230Soomin KimDaye Lee
Elementary Korean II225215Seh Min Suh
Hebrew School Dropout251115Rabbi Shlomo Elkan
At the Threshold of Romanticism258112Sharon Chi
Bhakti Yoga262115Jatayu Das
How world Events Correlate with Bible Prophecy: An Exchatological Approach290215Sammie Davis-Dyson
3D Printing and Design303110Ian Hunt-Isaak
Making Awesome Websites307115Alex KatzJacob Gilbert
Metamath, Strange Loops, and Randomness312212Nathan Klein
Speculative Evolution320115James Beech
SixCo: Vine Theory and Production404115Sol Solomon
Watchmen427112Noah Regen
GraphEx: An Exploration of Graphic Narratives430115Anne Buckwalter
Experimental Feminist Film450115Izzie Levinson
Women and Television458115Sophie Miller
Queer Women On-Screen466114Gracie GoodmanKaia Austin
Gangster Cinema: Dames, Danger, and the American Dream472115Kate Gardner
The Firefly ExCo474115Mackensey SaxtonEmma Snape
Cinema, Hitchcock, and the 20th Century480115Kirk Pearson
Star Wars: Politics and Philosophy490115Peter Adler Asch
Intro to Improv Comedy515115Ben HyamsCaio Ingber
Rapper Sword Dancing534115Rebecca Groher-JickAlyssa Hemler
Beginning Swing541130Amelia Wedel
Beginning Blues (section 1)543130Nigel Kidder-WolffGrace Richmond
Beginning Blues (section 2)543130Caitlin RodgersErik Gonzales-Kramer
Beginning Tap Dance545112Jennifer Kneebone
Continuing Tap546115Amelia Henderson
Girls and Boys in Motion566120Emilie CarrNaomi Roswell
Songwriting Workshop605130Rob JamnerBrendan Eprile
Steel Pan623120Noah LastAmanda Leopold
Oberlin Mozart Players656145John Paul Jennings
Baking ExCo70618Poon Wangpaiboonkit
Letterpress Printing70818Ed VermueSierra Maniates-Selvin
Beginning Pottery74318Simon Printz
Intermediate Pottery74418Julia Cantwell
Intro to Embroidery767112Dan Ao
Intro to Chinese Painting778110Yujia LiuSongzi Liu
Simple Yoga800115Carly Oddleifson
Aikido806130Randy Houston
Beginning Fencing810130Caleb AndersonStephen Lee
Intro to Circus Arts815112Gabrielle MentMolly Barger
Lucid Dreaming82218Ryan Harris
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu829116Axandre Oge
Chess ExCo860215Constantine Ananiadis
Karuta ExCo868115Henry Aberle
Mage 101870120Sam PriceTadhg Young
SmashCo876115Simon GilbertLouis Krauss
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885130Shannon BarnesAnna Rose Greenberg
Intro to No-Limit Hold' Em Poker Strategy888215Zach Resnick


Spring 2015 Course Catalog

Spring 2015 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2
Intro to Peer Helping 1101220Matthew Hayden
Intro to Peer Helping 2102220Matthew Hayden
Fundraising and Philanthropy 101108112Allison GannonMatthew Stokes
Beyond Tutoring: The DeBois Project Fraction Club109115Tanya LyonAriana Abayami
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom122115Elliot EzcurraBeth Minahan
Alternative Schools of Economic Thoughts128115Andrew Follman
Understanding Police Brutality1321Amethyst CareyMegan Bautista
Issues in Asset Poverty148115Cherilyn Brice Shahid
Cooperation and Cooperatives152115Sophia PaulDana Fang
Mind, Body, and Femininity15518Lily Chait
SexCo I (section 1)165230Akane LittleKaitlyn Custer
(section 2)165230Sophie MeadeSreyashi Bhattacharyya
(section 3)165230Lily StonerMaya Wergeles
SexCo II166230Lydia SmithUma Venkatraman
Rumi's Field: Speaking Peace177215Irene Bowers
Black Tropes in Pop Culture198115Lyric GrimesTony Moaton
Feces: A cultural and Scientific Excursion214120Annika NelsoElizabeth Dobbins
ABC's of ASL220120Elana Jacobs-PontecorvoIsabella Harari
Korean I220215Soomin Kim
Korean II221215Joanne LeeJeong Hyun Hwang
Introductory Bamana221210Brandon County
Bhakti Yoga232115Jatayu Das
A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words241114Katrina Gelwick
More than Matzahballs268115Devorah Elkan
Chinese Economy274110Quianhui ZhouJun Li
YouTube404115Abby Singer
Firefly ExCo414115Samantha MaterMackensey Saxton
The Folklore of Supernatural416125Ian GilchristEmma Snape
Foreign Films422110Wyatt Kroopf
FanFix-Co432115Rosie HertzmanSarah Larkworthy
Children's Literature432110Maya Martin
Women in Television448115Sophie MillerThomas Cline
Animorphs ExCo46418Sarah Johnson
Hexco: Harry Potter ExCo465115Kate GardnerGabrielle Wojtyna
SeinCo474115Thomas Molyneux
Star Wars: Politics and Philosophy490115Peter Adler Asch
Exploitation Film498115Micah Vriezelaar
Contemporary Horror Films499115Elizabeth Akant
Improvisational Performance50416Silvia Sheffield
Advanced Improv Comedy516115Sophie ZuckerTaylor Greenthal
Beginning Swing541140Peter ElgeeAmy Wedel
Continuing Swing542120Arianna VallochiRebecca McKelvy
Beginning Blues543130Nigel Kidder-WolffCaitlin Rodgers
Continuing Blues544116Miryam CoppersmithTaiyo Scanlon-Kimura
Beginning Tap Dance545115Elisa HendersonJenny Kneebone
Intro to Latin dance548115Tess Klibanoff
Girls (and Boys) in Motion566115Emilie CarrSakina Lavingia
Intro to Taiko602130Will HalimouAudrey Knox
Steel Drum ExCo623122Maya ZeemontJoseph Farago
Beethoven Op. 131 and 132631120Daniel Orson
Oberlin Mozart Players656140John Paul Jennings
Metal ExCo666130Mark Moritz-Rabson
Krautrock667120Blair Griffith
Intermediate Ceramics706110Julia Cantwell
Baking ExCo70618Teresa TippensPoon Wangpaiboonkit
Letter Press printing70818Ed Vermue
Bartending ExCo737115Nina WinterbottomMargot Tishberg
Intro Pottery74318Jesse NguyenSimon Printz
Simple Yoga800115Carly Oddleifson
Aikido806130Randy Houston
Aerials ExCo (section 1)80816Hayley LarsonKat Geber
Aerials ExCo (section 2)80816Catherine Zoe BeachRachel Webberman
Beginning Fencing810130Cecelia ScheelerCaleb Anderson
Parkour816115David Miller
TrickCo818115David MillerLouis Daligault
Laughter Yoga Leader Practicum819110Daniella Mostow
Beginning League of Legends860120Daniel Wetherell
Intermediate League of Legends862120Alex Cheney
SmashCo876115Devon Wells
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885130Jason IhmCaitlin Quiat
PokeCo888115Gabriel Moore
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu889115Axandre Oge


Fall 2014 Course Catalog

Fall 2014 ExCos

Course NameCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2           
ABCs of ASL115Quinn DonoverChristal Bell
Alt. Schools of Econ. Thought115Andrew Follman
Asian Cuisine18Tziporah Amgott-KwanChul Kim
Baking Exco110Parkorn WangpaiboonkitTeresa Tippens
Beatles Exco115Peter Quigley
Beginning Blues140Nigel Kidder-WolfCaitie Rodgers
Beginning Fencing130Morgan PeacockWilla Rosenberg-Rubin
Beginning Tap Dance115Elisa HendersonJenny Kneebone
Bomb Girls115Jacquelynn HongoshSara Gaines
Bonner Life 101115Trecia Pottinger
Brazilian Ju Jitsu115Axandre Oge
Calvin & Hobbes115Sarena Malsin
Chess Exco215Constantine Ananiadis
Chinese Tea112Alexander Mitts
Continuing Blues140Taiyo Scanlon-KimuraMiryam Coppersmith
Continuing Tap Dance110Elena Robakiewicz
Dungeons & Dragons115Jason Ihm
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom115Adrian EzcurraBeth Minahan
Elementary Korean II115Joanne LeeJeong Hyun Hwang
Food Systems and Social Justice118Idalia Bamert
Funk Appreciation110Mia Dawson
History of American Civil War115Stefan Lund
Int. League of Legends125Daniel WetherellBen Levin
Intro Pottery18Peter LafreniereRobert Lewis Nash
Intro to Peer Helping Skills240Matthew HaydenIsabella Moreno
Intro to Taiko130Leah WoodJesse Wiener
Krautrock115Blair Griffith
ObieWear115Bronwen Schumacher
Oppression and Resistance215Natalia ShevinKaela Sanborn-Hum
Permaculture125Brad Charles MelzerJessica Burns
Ping Pong & Meditation110Eli Fisher
Sexco230Jolie de FeisRonni Getz
Sexco230Jessica HubertJuli Ruoff
Solidarity with Guatemala130Eleanor FlessnerClara Lincoln
Star Wars, Politics, and Philosophy115Peter Adler Asch
Steel Drum120Michael MazzulloMaya Zeemont
Stress Reduction and Spirituality1Nancy Roth
Visual Effects115Ilona Brand
Elementary Korean I210Daye Lee
Quakerism 101115David SnyderLucia Anne Kalinosky
Beginning Swing140Amelia WedelPeter Elgee
Intro to French Musicals115Miranda Rutherford
Intro to Improv Comedy115Sophie ZuckerTaylor Greenthal


Spring 2014 Course Catalog

Spring 2014 ExCos

Course TitleCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2
Oppression and Resistance103115Milo Vieland
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom122115Sydney SpiroAry Ezcurra
Grassroots Organizing125115Aaron Appel
Community Radio138120Sophie HessAlexandra Post
Art and Community138115Erin AdairRachel Adler
Cooperation and Cooperatives152115Pablo CerderaZo Paul
Mind, Body, and Femininity155114Lily Chait
Permaculture158115Brad MelzerJessica Burns
Deepening Political Thought160112Hope Kassen
Beyond Objectivity: Society in Science162115Elizabeth ManningSarita Beekie
SexCo165230Ben PlautHannah Wolfe
SexCo165230Alexa MarshallKaitlyn Custer
SexCo165230Sophie MeadeJuli Ruoff
SexCo II166115Uma VenkatramamSonrisa Alter
Food Systems and Social Justice179118Idalia BamertJake Holtzman
Asian Cuisine21818Nicole Mak
ABCs of ASL220115Quinn DonoverChristal Bell
Disc Personality Assessment237112Cheyene Rubin
Elementary Korean I257210Bo Ra YuDowon Yong
Elementary Korean II258215Heewon KwonJeong Hyun Hwang
Conversational Hebrew259115Devorah Elkan
Filipino 101265130Jhanus FranciscoJoelle Lingat
Hip Hop, Spoken Word294215Brittany Williams
3D Printing & Design303130Evan HertafeldGlen Gerbush
Computer Networks and System Administration373115Mischa Lewis-Norelle
Intermediate League of Legends374120Alexander Cheney
Battlestar Galactica417115Pauline Schwartzman
Star Wars, Politics, and Philosophy419115Peter Asch
Visual Communication433114Arianna Goodman
Screening and Reflection439115Yuanlong Liu
Beginning Pottery44418Richard Tran
BuffyCo464112Charlotte Martin
Orson Welles470115Lydia Rice
Be Very Afraid Contemporary Horror Films472118Adam HimesAlexis Gee
Visual Effects476115Ilona Brand
Beginning Swing505150Ryo KimuraRebecca McKelvy
Tap Dance527115Talia GreenbergBenjamin Tindal
Latin Dance564120Isabella EslerRicardo Barrios
Continuing Swing571130Arianna ValocchiYoon-Chan Kim
Continuing Blues575130Rebecca McKelvyShane Clark
Blues I576150Miryam CoppersmithShane Clark
Intro to Japanese Taiko Drumming602130Leah WoodYue Qiu
Phil Ochs612115Johnnie Kallas
Steel Drum613120Emma BergNoah Jones
Funk Appreciation641110Mia Dawson
Oberlin College Marching Band645115Alexander Sutherland
Intro to Javanese Gamelan666115Edmund MetzoldRebecca Selin
Intro to Choral Music677130Timothy Little
Intermediate Pottery70618Sam Rubin
The Biggest Parade742115Jack Hoehn
Oberlin Bike Co-op Exco773110Rosa Pergams
Aikido806130Lingyu ZhangTimothy Hennigan
Aerials80816Jessica LamSam Karpinski
Beginning Fencing810130Evan HertafeldMorgan Peacock
Advanced Improv829115Sophie Zucker
Ashtanga Yoga839130Melissa EwingSylvia Channing
Taekwondo851112Micaela Owens
Beginning League of Legends884120Mackensey SaxtonGrover Neville
Dungeons and Dragons885115Jason IhmShannon Barnes
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu889110Ethan UpdikeAxandre Oge
Tightwire894110Juliette Glickman


Fall 2013 Course Catalog

Fall 2013 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCapacityCreditsInstructor IInstructor II
Oppression & Resistance103151Kaela Sanborn-Hum
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom122201Katrina GelwickShelby Ziesing
Grassroots Organizing125151Aaron Appel
Solidarity Economics127151Jackson KusiakJohn Bergen
Nicaragua Sister Partnership133201Sylvia WoodmanseeAna Robelo
Gaps in Education137152Kristen Glasener
Gaps in Education1372Kristen Glasener
Hair, Self, and Society142151Madison BishopLee Delano
An Explorer's Guide to Oberlin147201Cuy Harkins
Guatemala: 1940 to Present1531John Gates
Migration & Militarization156152Nasim Chatha
Practicum in Community and Civic Engagement159151Tania BosterSharon Pearson
Deepening Political Thought1601Hope KassenNora Ryan
Deepening Political Thought160151Hope KassenNora Ryan
SexCo165602Sophia DurantSophia Hess
Girls in Motion171121Noa FleischackerSakina Lavingia
Plants, Pedagogy, and People176151Elena MakansiLaura Rose Brylowski
Bonner Life 101191152Trecia Pottinger
FAST Mentoring197201Joelle LingatRachell Parnell
Asian Cuisine218151Kendra LianTziporah Amgott-Kwan
Asian Cuisine2181Kendra LianTziporah Amgott-Kwan
ABC's of ESL220201Elana Jacobs-Pontecorvo
Conversational Hindi222151Saad TalhaRaag Bhatia
Exploring Christianity2241Heidi MiddendorfKendall Kelly
Exploring Christianity224151Heidi MiddendorfKendall Kelly
Elementary Korean I257152Bo Ra Yu
Elementary Korean II258152Heewon KwonJoanne Lee
Vietnamese274161Loan LuQuoc Nguyen
Chinese Tea27681Abraham Rowe
Ecology, Meditation, Mindfulness300161Cuy Harkins
Neuroscience Journal Club387271Weelic ChongGabriel Marx
Calvin and Hobbes404301Matthew StorrsElizabeth Manning
The Sandman407151Sonia Wurzel
The Walking Dead417151Kate Gardner
Harry Potter ExCo444151Abigail James
Asian Americans in Media and Education453151Tomoyo Joshi
AnimeCo461201Adina ShanholtzAvery Kalyn
Anime4611Adina ShanholtzAvery Kalyn
The Twilight Zone4621Lydia Rice
The Twilight Zone462151Lydia Rice
BuffyCo464151Charlotte Martin
Dr. Who472101Ariel Hughes
Art Film to Ethnography487151William Seligson
Argentine Tango I503801Shonari Edwards
Argentine Tango II504801Nigel Kidder-Wolff
Beginning Swing505501Ryo KimuraArianna Valocchi
Continuing Swing571241Rebecca McKelvyRobert Yu
Continuing Blues575241Rebecca McKelvyRobert Yu
Blues I576401Miryam CoppersmithShane Clark
Intro to Taiko602301Christopher NguyenYue Qiu
Choir Practicum603201Sarah KahnNatalie Oswald
Steel Drum613151Rebecca Jones
Steel Drum6131Rebecca Jones
Funk Appreciation641101Mia Dawson
Oberlin College Marching Band645151Elizabeth Manning
Intro to Javanese Gamelan666151Rebecca Selin
Pottery ExCo70581Carmen JohnsJulia Hubay
Intermediate Pottery70691Jack Flotte
International Jewish Cuisine737151Devorah Elkan
Practicum in Nature Journaling766121Annie Seder
Letterpress Printing77781Ed Vermue
Aikido806301Lingyu Zhang
Partner Acrobatics809121Linnea KirbyMolly Barger
Beginning Fencing810301Isabella EslerEvan Hertafeld
PoiCo827151Jennifer Ward
Intro to Improv Comedy829151Taylor Greenthal
Chess842151Constantine Ananiadis
Taekwondo851151Micaela Owens
Boxing854121Eric Romani
Ice Hockey873301Peter ArdenTyler Wagner
Dungeons & Dragons885151Jason IhmShannon Barnes
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu899121Ethan Updike


Spring 2013 Course Catalog

Spring 2013 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Oppression and Resistance: Framing the Prison Industrial Complex1030-2Kaela Sanborn-Hum
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom1220-1Katrina GelwickSydney Spiro
Contemporary Issues in Education1270-1Maggie PaulinLeah Goldman
The Technological Singularity1360-1Michael Bradford
Cooperation and Cooperatives1520-1Porter JamesSarah Johnson
Playdate ExCo1530-1Erica RothbergLewie Nunez
Practicum in Self-and Community-Care1540-1Chinwe OkonaAly Halpert
(Im)migration & Militarization1560-1Nasim ChathaWilliam Wickham
Sustain Yeo-Self 1570-1Alex DeeterNoel Myers
The F Word1580-1Sarah BernsteinA.D. Hogan
Knowing Your Rights1590-1Kathleen Thornton
Deepening Political Thoughts1600-1Aki Gormezano
World Religions and Ecology1610-1Rev. Greg McGonigle
SexCo I1650-2Sarah MacFaddenLiz PetoSamantha Paltrow-Krulwich
SexCo II1660-1Sonrisa AlterUma Venkatraman
US Labor History1750-1Gil Kudrin
Self-Defense & Community Healing1770-1Lena AmickAna MeiLi Carling
Changing the World1860-1Isaac McCreery
Radical Librarianship1880-1Hazel Koziol
Harrison Center Volunteer1900-2Rena Branson
The Social Media ExCo 1920-1Ma’ayan Plaut
Body Positivity & Fat Acceptance1990-1Naomi PomerantzMagdalena Newhouse
Asian Cuisine2180-1Tziporah Amgott-Kwan
ABC’s of ASL2200-1Christan BellElana Jacobs-Pontecorvo
Bhakti Yoga2210-1Christian James
Conversational Hindi 2220-1Kiran Puri
Intro to French Musicals2230-1Miranda Rutherford
Investigating Christianity2240-1Sarah Bailey
Journey of Graphs & Words2250-1Yuran Pan
Storytelling2550-1Victoria Cox
Elementary Korean I2570-2Bo Ra YuSeh Min Suh
Elementary Korean II 2580-1Heewon KwonJoann Lee
Elementary Vietnamese2740-1Loan LuThanh Tran Nguyen
Chinese Tea2760-1Abraham RoweJoe Wexler
SharkCo3150-1Alex Sturbaum
Mycology3610-1Christin Anderson
FanFix-Co4160-1Rosie HertzmanRachel Smith-Weinstein
Alfred Hitchcock Hour 4440-1Abigail JamesLauren Jasion
Murder in the U.S. 4610-1Megan Robinson
Raising the Dead: History on Film4730-1Jack Hoehn
Reading Bolaño 4740-1Jake KosinskiSteve Quam
Strange Worlds: The Films of Satoshi Kon4750-1Qing ZhangMaren Hall-Wieckert
Tim & Eric Awesome4760-1Dan KrackMax Sugarman
What Ho! A Wodehouse ExCo4770-1Rebekkah Rubin
CageCo4780-1Amy DwyerEmily Robinson
Dames and Dark Cities: Film Noir4880-1Lydia Rice
The Firefly ExCo4910-1Hannah CombeAlex Kelly
Horror Films 4970-1Lydia Rice
Argentine Tango I5030-1Tim PogrosRio Kimura
Beginning Modern American Swing5050-1Caitlin ZinsleyOscar Thorp
Oberlin Vogue Academy5190-1Terrance EmbryAndre Patton
Contact Improvisation5220-1Lisa Neumann
Beginning Irish Dance5270-1Jen GrahamDevon Lycette
Continuing Swing Dance5710-1Robbie Yu
Continuing Blues5750-1Matt MoenchAnna Read
Got the Blues?5760-1Shane ClarkBen Plaut
Experimental Beat Tapes6080-1Tom Kearney
Learn to Play Pipa6100-1Xinyi Li
Metal ExCo6110-1Michael EverdaleMark Moritz-Robson
Phil Ochs 6120-1Johnnie Kallas
Steel Drum6130-1Eliot Hart-NelsonAudrey Knox
Chinese Musical Instruments6190-1Xinyi Li
Marching Band6450-1Elizabeth Manning
Introduction to Javanese Gamelan6660-1Jamie YellandRebecca Selin
History of Rock and Roll6940-1Leo Liebeskind
Mixology7020-1Jackson Meredith
Pottery7050-1Josie Davis
Haphazardly Making Art7210-1Amber Felton
Knitting for Noobs7280-1Monica Raible
Jewish Cooking Throughout Time7370-1Devorah Elkan
DIY Living 7380-1Lucy Smith
Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry Arts7390-1Jamie Elchert
Origami Design & Creation7410-1Kaitlyn Price
The Biggest Parade7420-1Amanda Mummery
Letterpress Printing7770-1Edward Vermue
Aikido8060-1Katy FicarraLingyu Zhang
Beginning Fencing8100-1Nick LohIsabella EslerDuncan Reilly
Advanced Improv8290-1Sophie Zucker
Settlers of Catan8320-1Cooper McDonald
Fundamentals of Rock Climbing8500-1Stephen LezakPhillip Lutz
Boxing8540-1Eric Romani
Pokémon: Competitive Battling8550-1Ryan Yates
Get Bent8560-1Kira Fath
Intro to Tai Chi 8620-1Yue Tang
The Ultimate ExCo 8630-1Jeremiah Hay
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu8890-1Ethan Updike
Flips ‘n Shit: Dynamic Acrobatics8900-1Benjamin George-Hinnant


Fall 2012 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2
Oppression and Resistance103230Jamie Gerber
The (Self) Workout Plan: A Reflective Approach to Social Justice109215Peter Nguyen
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom122115Katrina Gelwick
Grassroots Organizing125220Ilyssa Meyer
Contemporary Issues in Education127215Maggie PaulinLeah Goldman
Murray Ridge Storytelling134120Caroline VilterSarah Volk
The Technological Singularity136115Michael Bradford
Community Radio138112Eve Peyser-Sappol
SexCo I165230Sophia YapalaterKira Cohen
Girls in Motion171112Noa FleischackerLeila Goldstein
Changing the World186217Isaac McCreery
Bonner Life 101190115Trecia Pottinger
Harrison Centre Volunteer Exco190230Rena BransonEmma Smith
#SoMeXco192115Ma'ayan Plaut
Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance ExCo199130Naomi PomerantzMagdalena Newhouse
Storytelling ExCo255115Victoria Cox
Elementary Korean I257220Bo Ra Yu
Elementary Korean II258115Heewon Kwon
Asian Cuisine260115Nicole MakTziporah Amgott-Kwan
Vietnamese274116Loan LuThanh Tran Nguyen
Chinese Tea27618Abraham RoweJoseph Wexler
Religious Pluralism289115Greg McGonigle
Ecology and Meditation300115Sophia Paul
Zen/Gardening304115Marco Wilkinson
SharkCo315115Alex Sturbaum
One Fish, Two Fish334112Gail Schwieterman
OZINE334112Julia Harris
Competitive Computer Programming360130Emma ConnerZachary Levine
Intro to Taiko402130Nicholas LohCassie Guevara
Calvin & Hobbes404130Eleanor ReidElizabeth Manning
Sandman: Dreams, Myths, and the Endless407111Sonia Wurzel
Steel Drum413120Cate Hughes
Bartlet for America418125Carson ReidAndrew Fox
Young Adult Fiction425112Joseph Beck
Alfred Hitchcock Hour426125Katie LombardoDan Siegelman
Harry Potter Exco444115Jenna Bergstraesser
Murder in the US461115Megan Robinson
Films of Stanley Kubrick470115Jack Hoehn
ExCoStuck477125Paul AndersonAmanda Palmer
Dames and Dark Cities: Film Noir488115Lydia Rice
Argentine Tango I503180Tim Pogros
Argentine Tango II504180Tim Pogros
Beginning Swing505150Caitlin ZinsleyOscar Thorp
Ballroom Dancing 101508140Tim Pogros
Oberlin Vogue Academy519120Terrance EmbryAndre Patton
Continuing Swing Dance571130Robbie YuAnna Read
Got the Blues?576150Shane Clark
Sacred Dance - Pathway to Wellbeing576115Jessie FerriolsIzumi Yamakawa
Chinese Musical Instruments619115Xinyi Li
Introduction to Javanese Gamelan666117James Yelland
Adobe Illustrator756115Karl Orozco
Letterpress Printing77718Ed Vermue
Knitting for All Levels787115Lara Griffin
Aikido ExCo806115Travis IvyKaty Ficarra
Beginning Fencing810135Nicholas LohIsabella Esler
Beyond Gnarly828120Arianna Gil
HoopCo836116Urchin Colley
Fundamentals of Rock Climbing850112Aaron KruppPhillip Lutz
Introduction to Contortion856110Kira Fath
Introduction to Taijiquan862114Nancy DarlingAndrew Burns
Flips 'n Shit - Dynamic Acrobatics872115Benjamin George-Hinnant
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu899110Kazutaka Ogasawara


Spring 2012 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Oppression and Resistance: Framing the Prison Industrial complex103115Jamie Gerber
Pornographic Sexualities in Contemporary America112115Kathryn McGeheeSusan Silverman
What We Learned From Sarah Palin: Lessons in Leadership ExCo115115Peter NguyenAshley Clifford
Protest is Not Enough: Theory and Practice of Nonviolence119115Tom Lock
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom122130Shelby ZiesingLily Manshel
History of Major League Baseball123120Anna Enzweiler
Anti-Racist Organizing and White Privilege130215Rebecca Hoffman
Murray Ridge Storytelling134125Sarah VolkCaroline Vitter
Community Radio138115Stella Byrne
Introduction to the Moment149115Will Kunert
Immigration and ESL Pedagogy156120Sesha NandyalScout Coodley
Cooperatives: Beyond OSCA162115Yona Koch-Fienberg
SexCo I165230Elizabeth PetoAngelica Canizares
Going Deeper: SexCo II Lab & Discussion166130Lisa YanofskyEli Goldberg
The Death Penalty in the US167215Jacob Lamoureux
In Search Of Our Mother's Gardens168115Purvi PatelCaitlin O'neill
Issues in Women's Health185120Nina ParaoffElizabeth Weinstein
Guatemala in Resistance186115Samatha Williams
Harrison Center Volunteer Exco190115Rena BransonEmma Smith
Practicum in Joy195125Danielle SchrimmerJackie Mostow
Mythoology: Joseph Campbell and The Modern Archetypes206115Samuel Rubin
Asian Cuisine218114Kent Y. Ochs
Lebanese Arabic248115Nadia SafaJebran Haddad
Storytelling255112Victoria Cox
Elementary Korean I257225Bora YuDahyeon Lee
Elementary Korean II258230SungKyung ChoHeewon Kwon
From Shtetl to Seinfeld: An Intro to Jewish Humor272115Amanda Nichols
Religion, Gender and Sexuality291115Rev. Greg McGonigle
Ecology and Meditation300115Corey Patrick Harkins
Zen/Gardening304110Corey Patrick HarkinsMarco Seiryu Wilkinson
Math through History306115Melanie Hausinger
Competitive Computer Programming360130Emma ConnerZach Levine
Practical Software Development367215Harris Lapiroff
Gender & Sexuality in Disney Films400115Jacob Myers
Calvin and Hobbes404115Eleanor ReidTim Morgan
Zany Madcap Humor: Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol 1409112Rue Eden OseasDaniel Fryland
Theology and Antony Hegarty410115Anthony Weiss
Steel Drum ExCo413120Caroline ChenMeade Klingensmith
Middle Eastern Frame Drums414115Audrey Kolb
FanFix-Co416115Alexandra SchechterRachel Smith-Weinstein
Bartlet For America418130Carson ReidAnna Brown
The Illustrious Detective: Sherlock Holmes and his interaction with culture433120Rachel EatonJamie Farrar
Harry Potter ExCo444125Alanna BenneKellie Liston
American Stand Up445115Curtis Cook
Stand Up: Exploring the Scene446115Curtis Cook
Introduction to Slam and Performance Poetry449115Ryan Magiera
Downton Abbey460115Sarah Riecke
Murder in the US: Subtext & Sensationalism in the Murder Mystery461115Victoria NeumanMegan Robinson
WestCo468115Michael Druffel
Films of Stanley Kubrick470115Jack Hoehn
Doctor Who472115Jacquelynn HongoshJonas Wisser
Art Film to Ethnography/The Political Documentary ExCo487115Brooklyn Demme
Battlestar Galactica: The ExCo495125Lesley WhitakerRachel Coyte
Horror Films497115Lydia Rice
Argentine Tango I503180Tim Pogros
Argentine Tango II504180Tim Pogros
Beginning Modern American Swing505150Caitlin ZinsleyOscar Thorp
Ballroom 101508130Tim Pogros
Contact Improvisation522120Elizabeth WeinsteinHannah Hamler
Beginning Irish Dance527116Jen Graham
Continuing Swing Dance571150Ma'ayan DaganSophia Bamert
Blues Dancing576130Kathryn MaloneRobert Yu
Introduction to Latin Dance591114Maria A WundramAngelica Canizares
Hip-Hop Symposium616112Rene KammAsa Borne
Hip-Hop Appreciation622130Quinn SchillerElliot Sakach
Traditional Irish Music ExCo638120Alex SturbaumBrian Lindsay
Oberlin College Marching Band6451no limitMonika Raible
Introduction to Javanese Gamelan666114Jamie Yelland
Oberlin College Arts & Science Orchestra6731no limitKathryn MaloneAnna Cibils
Real Music: Divergent Ideas of the "Real" in 20th & 21st-Century Music690110Ian McMillen
History of Rock & Roll, The694115Jonathan Wauhkonen
ExCo Choir697130Lydia Lane Stout
Mixology702111Jackworth SmithAlison Karasyk
Pottery ExCo705116Stella RosenJulia HubayMax Saunders
OZINE708115Julia Harris
Fermentation & Food Activism714145Tom RatheLindsey SchwartzRosalie De Lombaert
Learning to See: My Camera & Me720112Ma'ayan Plaut
Radical Creativity: Exploring the Intersections of Art and Activism721230Peter NguyenAmber Felton
Baking725115Sarah Molitoris
Introduction to Armory727110Violet Pena
Knitting for Noobs728130Monica Raible
You Can Draw754115MJ (Mary Jane) Robinson
Letterpress Printing777110Madison KincaidEd Vermue
Aerials Exco803115Sam Karpinski
Aikido ExCo806120Joseph Galamba
Beginning Fencing810130Nicholas LohJeremiah Pearse
PokeCo: Master the TCG818112Abigail Mansfield
Go ExCo826120Peter Vankoughnett
Taekwondo827116Sara SalibaKaren Herreg
Beyond Gnarly828125Arianna Gil
Settlers of Catan832130Carl Steib
Fundamentals of Rock Climbing850112Elizabeth WhitcherAaron Krupp
Exalted85119Karli AndersonNathaniel Hedges-Goettl
Introduction to Contortion ExCo856110Kira Fath
Introductiuon to Taijiquan862115Andrew BurnsNancy Darling
Amazing Card Tricks Anyone Can Do879115Yuhua Lu
Rugby ExCo888130Joseph SheeranErin Berg
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu889114Kazutaka Ogasawara
Baguazhang: The Circular Kung-Fu892115Daniel Osterman
Introduction to Partner Acrobaties896118Matthew WillnerJulie Gaynes
ParkourCo89918Aaron Kozloff


Fall 2011 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Eastwood Outdoor Classroom122130Lauren McCrystalAmelia Jensen
Anti-Racist Organizing and White Privilege130215Lyle Kash
Murray Ridge Storytelling134125Sarah VolkCaroline Vitter
Poverty: Taking Action155130Aliza RosenfeldRachel Ishikawa
Crooks, Cons, & Hustlers163115Jordan Bounds
SexCo165250Joseph CondonKathryn McGheeCharlotte Sawyer
Bonner Life 101190115Julia Nieves
Storm Water Management & Invasive Species192112Annika SullivanSylvia Channing
Practicum in Joy195125Danielle SchrimmerJackie Mostow
History of Contraceptives & Reproductive Freedoms in 20th-Century America197120Maura SternbergBrittany Craig
Body Positivity & Fat Acceptance199115Naomi PomerantzMagdalena Newhouse
Asian Cuisine218115Kent Y. Ochs
Elementary Korean I257230Seung Yun Jee
Elementary Korean II258230SungKyung ChoHyeJin (Karen) Park
Introduction to the Turkish Language, An277112Gizem Iskenderoğlu
Religious Pluralism and Interfaith Engagement289115Rev. Greg McGonigle
Sacred Dance: Pathway to Wellbeing290115Jessie A. Ferriols
Oratory & Rhetoric295130Erica RothbergJames Kim
Esperanto: The International Language299115Kyla Gibney
Ecology and Meditation300115Corey Patrick Harkins
Competitive Computer Programming360130Emma ConnerZach Levine
Neuroscience Journal Club378216Jonathan MejiaSamuel Asinof
Odigenous: Oberlin Ethnobotany388130Erika BrandtGriff Radulski
Gender & Sexuality in Disney Films400115Jacob Myers
Introduction to Japanese Taiko Drumming402130Adam WeingerAmelea Kim
Calvin and Hobbes404115Eleanor Reid
Steel Drum ExCo413120Galen RogersAlicia Dudziak
16mm Film Production436215Taylor Stanton
American Stand Up445115Curtis Cook
Stand Up: Exploring the Scene446115Curtis Cook
Murder in the US: Subtext & Sensationalism in the Murder Mystery461115Victoria Neuman
Apocalypse ExCo, The466114Nicholas Parlato
WestCo468115Michael Druffel
Horror Films497115Lydia Rice
Hobbit ExCo, The499130Allison RoweAndrew Groble
Argentine Tango I503180Tim Pogros
Argentine Tango II504180Tim Pogros
Beginning Modern American Swing505150Caitlin ZinsleyOscar Thorp
Rhythm Tap520115Jessica GersonyDaniel Starer-Stor
Continuing Swing Dance571150Ma'ayan DaganSophia Bamert
So You Think You Can Blues576150Kathryn MaloneRobert Yu
Classical Music of North India6151no limitMegan Emberton
Oberlin College Marching Band6451no limitJason Alexander
Oberlin College Arts & Science Orchestra6731no limitKathryn MaloneMatthew Moench
"Real" Music: Divergent Ideas of the "Real" in 20th & 21st-Century Music690110Ian McMillen
History of Rock & Roll, The694115Jonathan Wauhkonen
Choir ExCo697130Lydia Lane Stout
American Barbershop Music699116Chad Putka
Learning to See: My Camera & Me720112Ma'ayan Plaut
Jewelry Making736120Lisa Yanofsky
Adobe Illustrator75628Karl Orozco
Vegan Cooking & Nutrition79918Susan Silverman
Aikido ExCo806120Joseph Galamba
Beginning Fencing810130Emily GazdaRicardo BarriosViolet Peña
PokeCo: Master the TCG818112Abigail Mansfield
Go ExCo826120Peter Vankoughnett
Settlers of Catan832130Margit GrunerCarl Steib
Fundamentals of Rock Climbing850112Elizabeth WhitcherAaron KruppBenjamin Altheimer
Introductiuon to Tai Chi Quan862115Yue Tang
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu889114Kazutaka Ogasawara
Parkour ExCo899110Aaron KozloffAlex Kapiamba


Spring 2011 Course Catalog

Spring 2011 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Adventures in Letter Writing1091David Greenberg
Outdoor Classroom1221Christina ApplebyLauren McCrystal
History of Major League Baseball1231Anna V. Enzweiler
Grassroots Organizing1251Annie Guadagnino
Antiracist Organizing & White Privilege ExCo1302Carlyle Kash
Murray Ridge Storytelling Workshop1341Hilary FinedoreSam RowePaulena Papagiannis
Body on the Gears1621Alexander ToutantJonathan Sidney
Crooks, Cons, and Hustlers1631Jordan Bounds
Let’s Start a Revolution: Social Justice as a Social Change Process1641Peter Nguyen
SexCo1652Sophia YapalaterAbigail Mansfield
Going Deeper: SexCo Discussion and Lab1661Lisa YanofskySarah Burnette
Mixed Dreams: Exploring 'Multiracial' Experiences in the U.S.1742Nicole Nfonoyim
Common Cents: Non-Profit Organization Fundraising1821Elizabeth DuncanElizabeth Anderson
Race and Biology: Fact or Fiction? 1831Ryan Colon  
Situating Yourself in Race & Gender Social Movements1932Nicholas StroupDeborah Slosberg
Asian Cuisine2181Kent OchsTam Vuong
In Vogue: A Survey of Historic and Current House Ball Culture2311Asher Kolieboi
Rat Trials & Nun Wars: Demystifying the Middle Ages2331James Purcell
Lebanese Arabic2482Nadia SafaJebran Haddad
Storytelling Workshop2551Sam PhilipsVictoria Cox
Twentieth Century Korean Poetry & Prose in Translation2561Sung Kyung Cho
Elementary Korean I2572Hae-Young ChungSeung Yun JeeTong Sun Ryu
Elementary Korean II2582Hwan ChoiYe Eun ShinHye Jin Park
Introduction to the Turkish Language2771Gizem Iskenderoglu
Esperanto: The International Language2991Kyla Gibney
Ecology and Meditation3001Corey Patrick Harkins
UFO ExCo3551Aaron Clarkohn Geisler
Competitive Computer Programing3601Emma Conner
Practical Software Development3671Harris LapiroffJoseph SpirosKriti Godey
Would you have Built the A-Bomb? Responsibility and Ethics in Science3871Jacob Baron
Gender and Sexuality in Disney Films4001Jacob Myers
Calvin and Hobbes4041Anthony BonifonteTimothy Morgan
Steel Drum ExCo4131Chris CanningKat Lunde
The Films of Hayao Miyazaki4171Matthew Furda
Die Together: LOST, Seasons 4-64291Katherine LombardoEmily Asp
The Art of Animation4321Samantha Conroy
Introduction to 16mm Film Production4362Stephen GravesAdekemi Gbadebo
The Harry Potter ExCo4441Hope RehakAlanna Bennett
American Stand Up: A Look at the Historical Story4451Anthony C. Cook Jr.
Advanced Stand Up4461Anthony C. Cook Jr.
The Library of Babel – A Study of Jorge Luis Borges4471Maren HallHenry Zhang
Slam and Performance Poetry4491Ryan Magiera
Nothing is Funny – A Seinfeld ExCo4511Vlad Bursuc
CHOSEN: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer ExCo4641Gita Jackson
Breaking the Rules: An Intellectual Discussion of Fight Club4671Elizabeth Campbell
Adult Film in the 1970s4691Monica VolkRyan Head
Genre Fiction Workshop4712Samuel J. Power
Doctor Who4721Lydia RiceAlex Rolston
Documentary China4801Yidi Wu
Where’s my Gorram Spaceship?: The Firefly ExCo4911Jacquelynne HongoshJonas Wisser
The Sphere of Between: An Exploration of Dialogical Philosophy4921Isaac YoderErica Rothberg
Down, Down Under: Australian History & Marginality in Film4991Sven Monk
Argentine Tango I5031Tim PogrosJoanne Pogros
Argentine Tango II5041Tim PogrosJoanne Pogros
Beginning Swing5051Jo-Han WangMira Levenson
Continuing Tap Dance5191Sophia Bamert Danielle Cheiken
Rhythm Tap 1015201Jess Gersony
Contact Improvisation5221Annie WiltziusGabe Baldasare
Bellydancing ExCo5401Gabrielle Bromberg
Introduction to Partner Acrobatics5561Julie GaynesMatthew Willner
Poico5601Joshua Greenfield
Continuing Modern American Swing5711John AndreoniMari Monosoff-Richards
Advanced Swing Dancing5721Stephen BurrowsAmanda Ferrebee
So You Wanna Dance the Blues5761Stephen BurrowsCaitlin Romtvedt
Israeli Folkdance5811Melissa AtlasHannah Seidel
Introduction to Latin Dance5911Modesto AcostaMaria A. Wundram P.
Classical Music of North India6151Doug GoldsteinPaul Denison
Traditional Irish Music6381Alex SturbaumBrian Lindsay
Songwriting Workshop6432Andrew GombasAna MeiLi Carling
Marching Band6451Emily Robinson
Music Mentors6601Annie Gordon
Introduction to Javanese Gamelan6661Sean HansonJane Sandberg
Kyai Barleyan: Oberlin Gamelan Ensemble6671Sean Hanson
Oberlin College Arts & Sciences Orchestra6731Hannah HarrisZoe McLaughlinMatthew Moench
Pottery Exco7051Ian CopelandWill Robbins
Fermentation & Food Activism7141Tyler Stoll Jilly Sal Greenberger
Learning to See: My Camera and Me7201Ma’ayan Plaut
Knitting for Noobs7281Monica RaibleAmy Dwyer
Kindergarten 1017321Alex Densmore
Thrifting and Sewing7491Grace Amber Kayley Diamond
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Friendship7771Jafar Mahallati Fajer Saeed
Exco F.C. – Examining the Global Culture of Soccer8011Sam KleinmanSam Behrens
High Intensity Step Aerobics8021Alia Syed
Aikido ExCo8061Joseph GalambaMatthew Miller
Aikiken: The Sword of Aikido8071Joseph Zummo
Beginning Fencing8101Aaron KokotekDuncan Reilly
Starcraft8131Dayv Doberne
Massage Therapy8171Samuel Berger
Scrabble Exco8191Abigail Mansfield
Super Smash Bros 648211Drew Williamson
FrolfCo8221Evan Baker
Ice Hockey8281Emma KarpChase Stone
OBehave: Improv Comedy Core Skills8291Gregory Schram
Settlers of Catan8321Alexander Tartter
Clownco!8391Phil Wong
Capoeira Angola8421Gabrielle BrombergCaitlin Romtvedt
League of Legends8461Yizhou Feng
Fundamentals of Rock Climbing8501Aaron KruppBenjamin Altheimer
Introduction to Tai Chi Quan8621Yue Tang
We’re all Just Big Babies: Yoga and Developmental Process8751Hannah HamlerAlison Meyers-Ohki
Women’s Self Defense8761Lena Amick
The Mystery of Amazing Card Tricks8791Yuhua Lu
The Rugby Exco8881Joseph Sheeran
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu8891Matthew Chaves
Baquazhang: Circular Kung-Fu8921Daniel Osterman