Oberlin ExCo

Apply for ExCo Committee

The ExCo Department is the only student-run, for-credit Experimental College in the country, and the committee is currently looking for organized, motivated students to train. While any non-seniors are free to apply, we are specifically looking to recruit freshmen and sophomores who are willing and able to commit to 4-6 semesters of Committee membership. No teaching/administrative experience is required. Only students at Oberlin College may apply.

The ExCo Committee meets every Sunday from 4-6 PM, and each member holds one to two office hours per week. Training takes place over the course of a semester. While being trained, new members are expected to attend every Sunday meeting, and attend one senior member’s office hour each week.

To apply, fill out our New Committee Member Application, and turn it in by sliding it under our door (Wilder 302), or emailing it to exco@oberlin.edu.