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Applications to teach in the Spring 2018 Semester were due 11:59pm of Friday, November 3rd. We are not accepting any application materials at this time (unless you have previously communicated with us regarding an extension). Applications to teach an ExCo in Fall 2018 will open in early March.

We’re always looking for students, faculty, staff, and community members to teach great ExCos! If you’re interested, the Application Guidelines document outlines the application process and what you need to submit.

Last semester we introduced our new Google Forms application system and received a lot of positive feedback. Use the Application Guidelines to determine what forms you need to submit, then click on the links below to fill them out. Refer to the Application Guidelines for what we are looking for in a syllabus, then use the Upload Syllabus link to upload a .pdf file.

We no longer accept application materials in hard copy or via email, with the exception of syllabi, which can be slid under our office door (Wilder 302), sent to our office mailbox (Wilder box #13) via the inter-school mailing system, or emailed to exco@oberlin.edu as a .pdf form.

We are more than happy to answer any questions through email, at exco@oberlin.edu

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