Oberlin ExCo


Fall 2017 Course Catalog

Fall 2017 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Understanding the Contemporary Politics of Palestine121115Will Arment
Alternative Schools of Economic Thought128120Emily HighkinJosh Clemson
Copal AA: A Window into Indigenous Resistance134115Clara WeinsteinJuna Keehn
Access in the Arts151212Katie LuceyMecky Kuijpers
SexCo (Section I)165215Izzy Lederman
SexCo (Section II)166220Angie VaalerKira Felsenfeld
Investigating Restorative Justice182215Megan Cox
Different Approaches to Social Justice Facilitation187220Anna PhungAtiya McGhee
MemeCo210115Adina Zeth
Introductory Wolof221115Brandon County
Elementary Korean I224230Sun ParkMelissa Karp
Elementary Korean II225230Soomin KimDavid Lee
The Christian Anarchist Tradition253115Derek Kubilus
Debate and Public Speaking269225Cormac CloseLindsay Mahowald
Black Lives Matter: In The Sciences306220Gloria LewisMorgan Thomas
Logic and Paradox315215Charles (Yuan Cui)
Basic Marine Ecology370124Jill Medina
Toadsco378115C.J. Blair
Food Writing 101401212Pearse Anderson
Cyberpunk404230Cassady BogatinBraque Hesselink
DisCo410115Erica Lowry
Spongebobology415120Lindsay MahowaldNigel Law
Contemporary Black Queer Film and Culture4451-215Cantron (Tré) Quarles
Racist Portrayals of Black People in Hollywood448215Brian Smith
Feminist Perspectives on Speculative Fiction452218Chelsea KinjorskiKristen Reynolds
Representations of Oppression in Sci-Fi/Fantasy457215Rita M Pérez-Padilla
Queer Women on Screen466115Eliza Edwards
Contra Dance ExCo505115Phoebe Durand McDonnellSam Bailey
The Improv Exco516115Zoe KushlefskyDaniel Cramer
Beginning Swing541130Daniel Katz
Beginning Blues Dancing543125Sierra Maniates-SelvinAidan Kidder-Wolff
Beginning Tap Dance545115Frances PurcellAbigail Bowman
Continuing Tap ExCo546115Michelle Ravitsky
Songwriting605115Sam RueckertGaley Caverly
Steel Pan Exco623120Joanna QuinnMelanie Xu
Studio B Workgroup649120Fiona BrennanCena Loffredo
Chamber Music of African-American Composers65218Christopher Jenkins
Creative Improvisation for String Musicians654115Camille Vogley-Howes
Letterpress ExCo70818Ed Vermue
Novel Writing and Publishing716214Cameron Moss
Children's Book Writing and Illustrating ExCo724210Michaela SquierLeah Martin-Rosenthal
Co-operative Adobe Workshop737215Mikaela FishmanHannah Berk
Introduction to Pottery743112Ava FieldRex Fortgang
Intermediate Pottery744114Emma DreyfussSimon Printz
Big Parade FunCo750125Dillion SebastionSally Slade
Self Care760115Emma WebsterSara Wolf
Art as Self-Care762110Hannah HalpernJustin Lixie
Essential Oils ExCo765112Kate HallMat Fitz-Reed
Aikido ExCo806125Isabelle MooreBenjamin Hamilton
Badminton Exco808116Felipe Ferreira
Beginners Fencing810112Kendrick Wang
Rock Climbing ExCo (Section I)815112Katie RigdonAlizah Simon
Rock Climbing Exco (Section II)816112Alex FoxGail Johnson
Nature Connection and Awareness818210Jacob Sanditen
Beginner Partner Acrobatics835115Sarah BrainardPeri Levin
Longboarding Exco838110Ramzy Lakos
Intro to Synchronized Swimming840220Andy Goelzer
Chess Exco860115Sam Waranch
SmashCo876114Davis LaiAngel Nunez
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885115Amanda AsofskyDrew Styles
How to be a DM886115Amanda AsofskyNoah Freeman
OberWatch (Overwatch Exco)888112Kristoffer RichardonMichael Santiago Roman