Spring 2018 Course Catalog

Spring 2018 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2Instructor 3
Charged Conversations118115Megan DohertyLiz CooperJonah Shifrin
Alternative Schools of Economic Thought128115Emily HighkinJoshua Ashkinaze
SexCo I (section I)165225Angie VaalerHannah Jackel-Dewhurst
SexCo I (section II)165225Clara WeinsteinRadia Lahlou
SexCo II166220Jane WerntzFiona Sherman
Intro to Deaf Culture219115Maddie Hinkle
Introductory Wolof221115Brandon County
Elemantary Korean I224215Esther SongHelen Heeyoung Lim
Elementary Korean II225220Jae Yee LeeSeo Yon Park
Turkish 101228215Hannah KimHarun Gerçek
Translation and Spanish Linguistics230115Nicolás ArellanoEvelyn Franco
More Than Matzah Balls: The Jewish Kitchen268115Devorah Elkan
Debate and Public Speaking210225Lindsay MahowaldCormac Close
Configuring the Figure275115Joe Martin
Microgenre Histories280215Julia Mills
Thinking in 3D303110Isabel Taylor
Clinical Neuroanatomy365115Alan Hoffer
ToadsCo378115CJ Blair
ArmokCo: Dwarf Fortress390110Samuel P Cryan
Kurt Vonnegut 101408115James Fleming
DisCo- A Disney History ExCo410115Erica Lowry
Conceptualizing Creatures: Creating Pokémon, Beasts, and More!412115Julia UtsetElena Hartley
Spongebobology415120Lindsay MahowaldNigel Law
Cryptozoology420120Will AxelrodAdrienne Rozells
Horror ExCo427112Celina Siegel
Tolkien: Discoverer of the Histories and Lore of Middle-Earth435212Aaron L. Henry
Contemporary Black Queer Film & Culture445215Cantron Quarles
Oppression in Sci-Fi & Fantasy457215Rita Perez-Padilla
Queer Women on Screen466115Eliza Edwards
Women in Television477125Amanda StavisThomasina Rogers
Intro to Contact Improvisation501115Michal Schorsch
K-Pop Koreography ExCo525114Emily ReevesKeyi Feng
Beginning Morris Dancing530114Rowyn Peel
Rapper Sword Dance ExCo534115Erin MichelHannah Cohen
Beginning Swing Dancing541130Kathryn "Kitty" SchwartzClara Wolfe
Continuing Swing Dance542130Daniel KatzShira Cohen
Beginning Blues Dancing543130Sierra Maniates-SelvinAidan Kidder-Wolff
Continuing Blues Dancing544116Felicia BodeColette Zilka
Beginning Tap ExCo545120Frances PurcellRosemary Shin
Continuing Tap ExCo546115Michelle Ravitsky
Girls in Motion566112Ruth Bieber-StanleyNaomi Roswell
Sojourn: In Place and Moving Along 580110Brian Schultis
Intro to Taiko Drumming602120Will FK Tokunaga
Steel Pan Exco623120Andrea WangTempe Shrenker
Studio B ExCo649120Rebecca WinerFiona Brennan
Creative Improvisation for String Musicians654115Camille Vogley-Howes
Sock Monkey Making730110Emily Highkin
Bike Exco740110Connor Schiff
Introductory Pottery (section I)74318Rex Fortgang
Introductory Pottery (section II)74318Elsa Seterdahl
Intermediate Pottery (section I)74418Ava Field
Intermediate Pottery (section II)74418Simon Printz
Chakras & Candle-Making760112Devyn Malouf
Essential Oils ExCo765113Kate Hall
French Cooking ExCo790110Kévin RocheronEsther Nguyen Dac
Aikido Exco806125Ben HamiltonKevin Greenwood
Intermediate Badminton808124Felipe FerreiraJustin LiXie
FenceCo810130Michelle LiuSilas Pelkey
Rock Climbing ExCo815112Alex FoxMiche McCall
Beginner Partner Acrobatics835115Sarah BrainardPeri Levin
TumbleCo837116Clara Margaret FloodTeague HarveyKeshia Yap
Pitching in Division III Baseball840116Sean Kiley
Yoga ExCo850130Lucy KaminskyMia Silvan Grau
ObieScouts 869220Jonathan KarpatkinDaniel Russo
SmashCo876120Davis "Lucky" Lai
Advanced Smashco877116Kevin RutledgeAngel Nunez
Game of Thrones Board Game88018Steven LevinFinn Bordal
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885130Noah FreemanAmanda Asofsky