Oberlin ExCo


Spring 2017 Course Catalog

Spring 2017 ExCos

Course NameCourse NumberCreditsCapacityInstructor 1Instructor 2
Introducing the System: Building Community through Conversation and Action101115Liv ScottCaide Jackson
Illuminati: Shedding Light on Conspiracy Theory Culture1231-215Taylorlyn Stephan
Oberlin History133115Sarah MinionNatalia Shevin
Music & Memory at Welcome Nursing Home1351-215Kira Pinard-Welyczko
Neurodiversity and Advocacy ExCo153120Ruby ReillyDJ Savarese
SexCo I (section I)1651-225Akane LittleRadia Lahlou
SexCo I (section II)1661-225Hannah Jackel-Dewhurst
Conlang 101202115Rita Pérez-Padilla
ABCs of ASL220220Franklin SussmanGavi Shandler
Introductory Wolof2211-215Brandon CountyKat Ford
Elementary Korean I224215Joseph KimSun Park
Elementary Korean II225215SeBeom LeeSoomin Kim
Coffee 10124618Juan-Manuel Pinzon
Debate and Public Speaking269215Yasmine RamachandraRoman Broszkowski
Configuring the Figure: The Arte of Data Visualization275114Joe MartinAndres Cuervo
3D Print ExCo303110Ian Hunt-IsaakIsabel Taylor
Crunching Epsilons: Workshop in Mathematical Analysis321120Chris Marx
The Food Science ExCo3451-215Sohail Kamdar
Orbital Mechanics & Rocket Science360115Ben Hamilton
From Network to Webseries: Introduction to American Television411115Liam Oznowich
Attack on Titan413115Julia Utset
Beyond Prime Time418115Alexander Broekhuijse
A History of Animation4201-220Kirk Pearson
Horror ExCo427112Celina Siegel
Politics of Broadway433115Noelle Hedges-Goettl
Storytelling for Internet Media442115Rania Adamczyk
Contemporary Black Queer Film and Culture4451-215Tré Quarles
Queer Women on Screen466115Anna Weiss
Weird Fiction470114Sean Lambert
The History and Lore of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth473115Clara Carlson-KiriginJustin Biggi
Women in Television477120Olivia SchusterAnna Minner
SeinCo498120Jordan Joseph
Contact Improvisation ExCo501125Charlotte Andrews
The Musical Audition511110Noelle Hedges-Goettl
Advanced Improv ExCo516115Keenen Willis
Beginning Swing541145Shira Cohen
Continuing Swing542130Daniel KatzSam Quillin
Beginning Blues543125Sierra Maniates-SelvinSarah Nathanson
Beginning Tap545115Frances Purcell
Continuing Tap546115Michelle Ravitsky
Songwriting ExCo605130Ethan AronsonDaniel Gonzales
Steelpan ExCo623120Noah LastAbbey Bisesi
Choral Conductor's Club6411-215Meghan StollMichael Locke
Studio B Workgroup649120Becca WinerNatalie Hawthorne
Chamber Music of African American Composers652112Chris Jenkins
Music Theory Review678115Christa Cole
Chamber Opera696130Pauline Ng
Puppets in Action701112Sally SladeHannah Tichkoff
Beginning Pottery743116Jonathan CarrollRex Fortgang
Intermediate Pottery744116Robbie Lewis-NashEmma Dreyfuss
Advanced Pottery7451-28Simon Printz
DIY Kitchen ExCo753112Morgan SteinSam Tunick
Essential Oils ExCo765112Kate HallMat Fitz-Reed
Introduction to Jewelry Making789112Cecilia Larson
Aikido ExCo806125Isabelle MooreBen Hamilton
How to Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse808112Yingran Zhang
Outdoor Adventure Club (beginner section)812115Eliana ZuckermanKatie Rigdon
Outdoor Adventure Club (advanced section)813115Hannah RodgersPeter Stefek
Rock Climbing ExCo815112Alex FoxHannah Rodgers
Ice Hockey822120Matt SimonDerek Palinski
Mental Health Narratives864115Xuan Wu
SmashCo876116Davis LaiAngel Nunez
Beginning Dungeons and Dragons885115Amanda Asofsky