Spring 2017 ExCo Fair!

The ExCo Committee is pleased to announce the Spring 2017 ExCo Fair! The Fair will be held the evening of Wednesday, February 1st. We will be trying something a little bit different this semester to make the Fair more accessible to our community. The first half hour of the fair, from 6pm-6:30pm, will be reserved as a quieter, calmer space for students and community members who have previously found the loud and chaotic environment of the Fair to be inaccessible. This will rely on all of you respecting the needs of those in our community who are otherwise unable to participate in ExCos due to their mental health. More details regarding this accommodation will be provided as next semester approaches. The ExCo Fair will be open to the general public from 6:30pm-8:30pm. As always, it will be held in the Root Room, on the second floor of Carnegie.

If you are unable to attend the ExCo Fair, our Course Catalog serves as an alternative way to sign up for an ExCo. In the Catalog you will find descriptions for each course, as well as email addresses for the instructors. To sign up for a class, you can email an instructor and ask to be sent the application form, put on the general interest list, or simply receive more information about the course. As a reminder, registration for ExCos will take place during next semester’s Add/Drop period.

Spring 2017 ExCo Course Catalog

If you have any questions about how the Committee functions or what our work entails, please feel free to contact us via email at exco@oberlin.edu. Questions about specific ExCos can be sent either to the instructor(s) or to the Committee, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

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