Apply for ExCo Committee

The ExCo Committee is currently looking to hire a new member!

We will accept applications from first and second years, with slight preference given to the latter. Applications are due Friday, April 20th, 2018. We will begin contacting strong applicants to schedule interviews in the subsequent two weeks. The new Committee member will be expected to begin training at the end of the Spring 2018 semester, and will start working as a full Committee member in Fall 2018.

The ExCo Department is the only student-run, for-credit Experimental College in the country, and the committee is currently looking for organized, motivated students to train. While any non-seniors are free to apply, we are specifically looking to recruit freshmen and sophomores who are willing and able to commit to 4-6 semesters of Committee membership. No teaching/administrative experience is required. Only students at Oberlin College may apply.

The ExCo Committee is made up of 4-6 current Oberlin students, one of whom serves as the Chair of the Committee. The current advisor of ExCo Committee is Dean Elizabeth Hamilton, who meets with the Committee at least once a month. Each Committee member works an average of six hours a week, although this fluctuates between >20 hours in the first week of the semester and closer to 4 hours/week in the less hectic weeks. While being trained, new members are expected to attend every Sunday meeting, and attend one senior member’s office hour each week.

The ExCo Committee meets once a week on Sunday afternoons, generally for 2-3 hours, and each member is expected to hold at least two hours of “office hours” throughout the week. Additional work may be required outside of Committee meetings and office hours, especially during busy points in the semester.

Job duties and responsibilities (by no means an exhaustive list)

Reviewing course applications
Interviewing potential instructors
Working with potential instructors to design courses
Communicating with the registrar
Planning and hosting the ExCo Fair
Hosting trainings for new instructors
Supporting instructors throughout the semester
Working with the administration to affect policy
Coordinating instructor assignments
Hosting various events throughout the course of the semester
Allocating SFC money to instructors
Publicizing application process
Working with the registrar to manage the end of the semester


Compensation varies by semester and year, depending on our budget allocation, the number of members on the committee, and the distribution of work per each committee member.

Members of the ExCo Committee work about 80 hours per semester and receive approximately $500 (roughly $6/hour).

The chair of ExCo Committee works about 180 hours and receives around $750 per semester (roughly $4/hour).


To apply, fill out our New Committee Member Application below:

New Committee Member Application